Olivier Solanet
Paint, Photo, Sound.

Artist, photographer, & musician, Olivier Solanet has been working from his studio in New York's Hudson Valley since 2008.
Born in Geneva, Switzerland to French & British parents, Olivier pursued formal studies in classical music in addition to art history. His primary areas of focus through his years at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music were music composition, piano performance, and musicology.
Music has had a lifelong influence. Fascinated by the phenomenon of synesthesia, Olivier often expresses musical ideas in his visual works. Dynamics, rhythm, harmonies, and indeed movement & motion are each present in all of his painted works.
A large body of this work explores a series of so-titled "Moments". These are intrinsically ephemeral. Miniatures not in scale, but in time, evaporating as quickly as they manifest. Microcosms.
Olivier intends art to be visceral, as opposed to more strictly intellectual. Art emotes. Colors convey particular visual messages. Use of color, therefore, is of primary consideration. Use of texture further punctuates each work's coloristic message.
Having immersed himself in the street art of Paris & London while living in both cities for most of his creatively formative years, an indelible mark has been left on his work. The speed & motion of Italian Futurism, as well as the pastiche of French Dadaism have also informed his work thus far.
All available works in the gallery may be purchased and safely shipped worldwide, with pricing upon request.
All paintings come ready to hang and do not require a frame. Each painting is signed on the side, as well as signed & titled on the reverse.
All paintings are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a Certificate of Valuation. As each work exists on its own, no prints can be made available.
Olivier's work may currently be viewed in Hudson, New York, and Provincetown, Massachusetts.